Guess what? My school has Friday off, therefore I have a three day weekend! And you know what that means...most likely, another photostory! I'm planning what it will be about...any ideas?
Hey! Here's my new photostory I promised can probably get a slight idea about what it's about from the title...

So, the girls came down and got ready for breakfast (cereal with apples). Felicity and Elizabeth started on their cereal, and I left to use the restroom quickly, while Amythest took a bite out of her apple, and suddenly...
"OUCH!" Amythest yelled, grabbing at her mouth. "Ow! Ow! Mommy, my tooth hurts! Ow!"

"What happened?" Elizabeth asked, coming over to comfort Amythest.

"My tooth is loose!" Amythest said worridly (she didn't know that baby teeth fell out, nor did her siblings). "What's wrong with me?"

"I'm sure nothings wrong with you," Felicity told her. "I'll go get Mom."

When Felicity came back with me, here were Elizabeth and Amythest. Thistle was sitting on the folded-up sleeping bags looking worried and upset, and Lizzy was comforting her.

"So, you have a loose tooth I hear?" I said softly to Thistle. She started crying.

"What's gonna happen to me?" She sobbed.

"Nothing! Loosing your baby teeth is normal. Everyone does it. That just means your big, permanent teeth are coming in. Looks like you're the first to have a permanent tooth!"

"R-really?" Thistle looked up at me, her tears slowing.

"Yes, really," I told her.

"Yay!" Thistle jumped up in happiness. "I'm not weird! I don't have to have surgery!"

"That's great!" Lizzy said, coming up to hug her sister. Teetee (in the backround) stayed quiet, looking a little upset.

Thistle and Lizzy grabbed each other and began to jump up and down in happiness. It took them a moment to realize that someone wasn't joining them.

"Come on and join the celebration!" Lizzy invited, and the two stuck their hands out.

"I'll pass," Teetee mumbled, leaving.

"Why's she upset?" Thistle whispered, her lip beginning to quiver again (she hates it when her sibling are sad/angry/unhappy).

"I'll talk to her," Lizzy promised.

Lizzy followed Teetee and found her sitting on the sleeping bags.

"What's wrong?" Lizzy asked sensitively.

"She's the youngest!" Teetee told her angrily. "I'm the oldest, I should loose a tooth first! It's not fair!"

"We all grow at our own pase," Lizzy reminded her. "C'mon, Mom always told us that. We'll loose our first tooth soon."

"I want to loose mine now," Teetee complained.

"You can't," Lizzy told her firmly. "That's a fact, facts can't be changed. So, come on, congratulate your sister. It makes her sad that your upset."

Teetee stiffined a moment. "I suppose your right," she murmered after a moment of silence, and followed Lizzy back to where Thistle was waiting.

"I'm sorry I was angry," Teetee told Thistle. "I was being silly. Will you forgive me?"

"Of course!" Thistle said, sounding relieved that Felicity was OK.

They all joined hands and began to celebrate the loose tooth. (And they all lived happily ever after...until the next photostory...)

Well, I hope you guys liked this photostory! Sorry I posted it a little late, I was busy with cleaning the rest of the day. Feel free to comment on the story! Thanks for reading Girls Only!

Hey! I've been pretty busy this week, so no posts since Sunday :(. But guess what? I'm working on another photostory! I'm really excited about it. It took me a while to think of what to make it about, and I got a really great idea! I should post it today, but no promises. Tomorrow I'm busy again, so probably not tomorrow. MAYBE Monday. But probably today. Check back soon!