As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting a whole lot.

One reason is, I haven't had the time.

Another is, I get no comments from you guys. It's like you don't care.

I see no point in posting to people who don't evern care. I might still post, because I'm really tired right now and might feel different later, but my viewpoint right now is leaving this post up, and if you guys care, you'll comment. It doesn't have to be long or anything. It can just be something like, "please don't stop doing this blog!" or anything like that. But right now, I feel sad that no one seems to like my blog.

I try really hard on this blog. It takes a long time to post. Pictures take forever to load, and I spend a lot of time taking them. So if people don't care, what's the point in even taking the time?

Please comment.


P.S. Hal and Autumn and all of the people I know in real life, you don't have to comment. :) I mean, no one has to, but you guys commenting won't make up my mind in weather I will keep this blog or not, since you guys are really good friends of mine.
What makes me sad:
When I look at other doll blogs and each of their posts has at least two comments, and then I come and check my blog and there are no comments except from my best friends, a really long time ago.

When I ask people to please vote on my poll, and I see that 15 people view my website after I post that, and I only get one more form entry.

These are the things that make me sad about my website :(