Hello again everyone! Here is a little bit about each of my three dolls:

Amythest- Absolutely loves to write! Her favorite is to write short stories and loves it when she gets inspiration! Her latest short story took her forever, as she wanted it to be perfect. She is already on the lookout for publishers! She is also very interested in fashion, and, out of my three dolls, has the most clothes (although Felicity borrows them a lot).

Elizabeth- Her favorite thing to do: draw. She is often sketching things and asking if we know where the crayons are. She has lately been getting into sculpting, and really wanted clay for her birthday. Very creative and is always coming up with new ways to decorate and has been the inspiration for many of Amythest's stories!

Felicity- If there's one thing she would choose to be with forever, she would choose lots of different colored fabric that can magically stick to gether like it's being sewed. She loves to sketch out outfits and design them in her own way, and always is mix-and-matching outfits (this includes borrowing things from her sisters).