Again sorry for the lack of posting lately. I'm trying to make up for it.

Anyways, here is what's happened with the Dolls:

Thistle's cast is off. She posted about it on her blog.

Camp ended. Sorry :(

Their room situation is...hard to explain. See, with my new sewing machine (see post below), I have to put it somewhere when I'm not using it. Under my desk, where the Dolls' bedroom is, is the only place I can put it, and it takes up a bunch of room. The Dolls have been sleeping in the hallway a bunch lately. Fortunately, they haven't said anything and I'm thankful to them, but I still hope to figure out something soon.

Felicity designed five outfits, Lizzy painted three canvases and started two, and Thistle got a new insparation for a book.

Now, that pretty much brings you up to speed. Sorry again for lack of posting. I WILL POST A PHOTOSTORY OF THEIR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!! ;)