From the title, you might think I'm going on another vacation. But I'm not. It's worse.

Everyone thought American Girl was going to archive Molly next.

They're archiving Felicity and Elizabeth instead.

I personally don't get it. Everyone loves them. They have a movie, lots of things. Not that Molly would be better, it's just...sad. But American Girl hopefully knows what they're doing. It's their decision, not mine.

I'm just sad. I chose both of them, and I love both of them. They're sisters.

See, when a historical doll gets archived, all of the dolls of that kind become sad for about a month or so without knowing it. It's different for JLY's/MAG's and GOTY's. I guess it's because historical dolls are what started American Girl.

But they get over it. The Dolls and I are preparing ourselves for it.

If anyone wants Felicity or Elizabeth or any of their awesome things, better buy them now, before they're gone.