Hey everyone. I'm posting in pink for Mothers' Day, that seems to be the universal color...anyway, I know that almost all of you that read my blog AREN'T mothers...I mean, this IS a doll blog (but if there are any mothers out there, thanks for reading!!!). But, anyway, all of you, if you have or haven't gotten a present for her, the best thing you can give her would be to tell her "thank you". Those two words mean a lot to mothers, you know? Just say, "Thank you, Mom, thanks for raising me and getting me to how I am now. I love you." And if you don't get along with your mother, take this one day to set aside your differences and say, "thank you. I know we get into fights a lot, but I know that you got me here."

And you know, all of you, if you don't like your mom, it doesn't matter. Think about it. Without her, you wouldn't be who you are today. She raised you, taught you the ways of ther world. If she wasn't here, you really wouldn't be you. You most likely wouldn't look or act the same way. And you like who you are. WE ARE THE GIRLS OF THE WORLD! And we can thank our mothers for it.

So, I know this wasn't exactly a usual message that I put out, but really take the time today. Even if you get this message late, still tell your mom, "Thank you."

Thank you all,