So, this is my second post today. If you haven't seen my first in which we begin "celebration", scroll down to my last post.

Anyway, I went outside, wanting to make a full-on photostory, and then realized that it is WAY too hot to do too much. So I took a few pictures with some storyline to them. Yay!

pictures and storyline by: Doodledog

When we first went outside, all of the girls were increadibly disappointed because...well, you can guess. I had to explain to them that this wasn't the best part.

When we went down, Felicity fell in some spiderwebs!

I don't know if you can see them that well, but the spiderwebs are on the top...or what's left of the spiderwebs...

Lizzy posed in front of the creek that runs past my backyard...I'm surprised it's not mostly dried up yet!

Little Clumsy Amythest fell on the way down. Luckily, she wasn't hurt.

Felicity looked out calmly to the running water. She REALLY likes running water.

So, sadly, that's all I could handle out there for now. But no worries, I'll try and take more during the week and the rest of the summer. But I'll only be able to take about this many photos at a time, with the hotness out there and three dolls rolling around in spiderwebs and falling down. All three of them fell down this big dip, I was surprised (but thankful) that no one was injured. Except Amythest, she escaped with a couple of scrapes to the knees. But she's fine, no blood or anything.
Anyways, I still think I'll be back later today. Write you later!


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