1. Only four more school days!
2. The survey results! (I didn't delete them on accident this time ;) )
    -How would you rate my website?
                 >5-best= 4 votes
                 >4= 3 votes
                 >3, 2, and 1= 0 votes (I'm obviously doing SOMETHING right!)
     -Out of these, what do you like best about my blog?
                 >The new Tween Girls Daybook=0
                 >My photostories=7
                 >Pictures you put up in a gallery=0
                 >My Short Stories=4
                 >My random posts!=2
     -Do you ever have any questions to ask me?
                 >Yes, lots of times=0
                 >No, never=1
     -Do you have anything else to say about my blog?
                 >"Your blog is awesome"
                 >"i love it"
                 >"it rocks!"
                 >"it's awesome"

So, yes, thank you to anyone and everyone who voted! ;)

3. I have moved the Dolls' room! It used to be by my bedside table, but it got too crowded there. Their room is now under my desk...here are pictures!
So, yes, that is their new room. The each have one containter that holds their clothes, shoes, and accessories. I wrote their initials on their boxes so they wouldn't get them mixed up. Also, that cloth that's on Elizabeth's sleeping bag (on top of her container) is now made into a dress for the dolls (see older post).

I am also thinking of sewing them an apron...the fabric I have is a kind-of light green with flowers as decoration...what do you think? I'll post pictures if I make it.

I have a new American Girl dress! But it's not from American Girl...can you guess where I got it?
Sorry the pictures aren't too great...I can actually take some really good pictures, but my camera does this weird thing where it just DOESN'T take good pictures indoors...even my mom, who is very experienced in photography, can't get it to work very well indoors. Sometimes, I will take an awesome picture indoors, and I'll be so happy. I want to do a photostory outdoors, since it's so nice outside (or, it was yesterday), like a picnic or something. Sadly, it's raining now.

Anyway, did you guess where I got it?

Well, let's just say it started out as a piece of fabric....






















And a little time...


















On my hands....



















That was a huge hint....so did you guess? If you guessed that I made it, you are correct! Yay! It's pretty raggety, I could have done better, but it was the first dress that I have ever sewn...actually, it's the first article of clothing that I've ever sewn! And it was my second try. The first time, I was sewing it on Felicity, and I accidentally sewed it to her underwear... :O But the second time, I took her underwear off, and I made sure not to sew it to HER. and it worked! Then Teetee fell asleep and Thistle modeled it for my pictures.

Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think of the dress in a comment (I would have used two different colors of fabric, but that was the only fabric I had...)