Hey everyone! I've just been getting in touch with Picnik, so I haven't posted very much lately >_< Sorry!
Anyway, here are some more pictures from my trip!!!
Here's where they were starting to pack up. Lizzy refused to let Thistle gold her sleeping bag.

Lizzy made her sit down while SHE folded it instead, refusing to do her own packing until Thistle's was finished.

But, when Lizzy was done with Thistle's packing and began to pack her own clothes away, Thistle secretly began folding Lizzy's sleeping bag.

Lizzy didn't even seem to noice! Finally, after everything was packed, Lizzy and Felicity went outside to play some more before they left. Thistle decided to stay inside and read.

Well, THE END!! I hope you liked it...
Thistle has a little surprise on her blog, but you have to go there in order to read it. She refuses to let me post it.

That's all for today!!!