I have to keep this quick because I still have to get ready and we're leaving soon, but I'm going on a road trip with the Dolls! There isn't any computer to post on where I'm going, so sadly there will probably be no post in the next four days, and I wish I had enough time to finish Kidnapped right now, but I really don't! Sorry! I get back on Sunday, so maybe expect it then, or anytime later that week. BUT, even though there is no internet, I am bringing the camera and I am sure to take lots of pics of the dolls! Some I will post on mine, some they will post on theirs (click here to go to the Doll's blog).

I'm excited! But I will miss my site :(

I'll be back on Sunday!

4/8/2010 04:10:41 am

I'm sorry that I haven't commented in a long time (everything's been so busy). I just wanted to say hello!! I will see you once Spring Break is over.



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