Okay, so I'm not exactly sure how the subject came up, all I know is that my mom mentioned it first. She knows I'm REALLY into AG...

Okay, so basically, we fabric softened Felicity's hair because it's supposedly a trick that works really well. Then my mom asked if I would ever want to get Felicity a new head, since her hair is really old because we got her off of eBay. I still love her to death, but it would be nice if her hair was better. So we looked it up online and getting a new head is 39 dollars!

Then my mom asked if you could do it at the AG Place in LA because then we wouldn't have to pay shipping. I've also been mentioning how, if I were ever to buy another doll, I have my eye on one. 

My mom said that we would probably be able to go to the AG place in LA. It won't bee anytime too soon,  but that's because of me. See, I want to save up a BUNCH of money before we go so that I can buy a certain doll (who I am not going to name, you will be surprised) and clothes. 

I won't tell you which doll I shall get, but here's a little hint:
Above are the eyes of the doll I will buy. Which means there's lots of dolls possible. Here's another hint: it's a Historical, not an MAG.

Well, that's about all for now. Can't wait!


P.S. I had a record on hits today! 79 hits in one day!!! Thanks to everyone who came and read! Sorry I posted so late!

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