Hey everyone! If you have looked at the title you noticed...that's not right! What's Ylno Slrig? Well, I'll tell you! It's Girls Only backwards! Happy April fools day! In celebration, for the day, my name is Godeldood instead of Doodledog! Hahaha! My Math teacher even pulled a prank on us!

In Math, we were sceduled to have a test today. He handed us our answer sheets and then showed us what the test looked like. "It's a bit of a different format than usual..." he told us. He then handed them out and, after about five minutes, everyone started asking questions. "Why are there only 12 questions on the test and 18 on the answer sheet?" "I don't remember learning this!" "This is strange..." Finally, my teacher said, "Okay, who's freaking out right now?" When a majoraty of the class raised their hands, he yelled, "APRIL FOOLS, SUCKERS!" It was hilarious!

Anyway, my spring break starts next week! Yay! When are all of your spring breaks? Please comment and let me know!

Happy April Fools day!
!Yad Sloof Lirpa Yppah


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