Okay, look. I'm not going to post on this blog anymore. I'm going to do this blog:

I like Blogger, so I'm going to stay with it. Please check out my new blog-if you still want to read my posts. Because that's where I'll be doing my posts. Not here anymore. So go there. Not here. I will post on there if I will come back to this website, but I don't think I will. Comment if you don't think I should do this. But I am if you don't.


P.S. I hope I didn't sound mad/angry/snobbish in this post. I just want to let you know that I'm no longer posting on
Okay, so...

I've been wanting to have a Blogger account for a while now, only because they let you do things that Weebly won't let you. 

So I finally created one. Here's the link:


Well, there you have it. Copy and paste the link above to go to my new website, or click here

I probably won't be posting on this blog anymore, only because I like blogger so far. But if I stop liking blogger, I will come back to this blog

Bye! Come see my new website!

Well, I had a nice post planned with screenshots and everything, but weebly died on me. I will get the post up later today.

I've finally put up a poll...a NEW poll. I had the old one up for so long!

Anyways, so...it's about which historical doll you think I'm getting. PLEASE VOTE!!! It's right at the top of the sidebar, right over --> there. 

We,, that's all for now. I've been so busy, but this weekend I will do a photostory, I promise!

I know, I know. I just HAD  a new blog design for fall!

But, as I look around at all the other blogs, they all have their OWN pictures. So I took some close-ups of my dollies and did a collage with Picnik. So, there you have it! My new blog image. My new blog image.

So, has anyone figured out which doll I'm going to get? (if you have NO idea what I'm talking about, click here.)

Plus, Felicity and Lizzy had a huge fight. Read all about it down at Thistle's blog.

Has anyone noticed that we never call Felicity "Teetee" anymore? She decided she didn't like "Teetee". So she's thinking of a new nickname.

Sorry for such a short post. I promise pictures really soon!

Okay, so I'm not exactly sure how the subject came up, all I know is that my mom mentioned it first. She knows I'm REALLY into AG...

Okay, so basically, we fabric softened Felicity's hair because it's supposedly a trick that works really well. Then my mom asked if I would ever want to get Felicity a new head, since her hair is really old because we got her off of eBay. I still love her to death, but it would be nice if her hair was better. So we looked it up online and getting a new head is 39 dollars!

Then my mom asked if you could do it at the AG Place in LA because then we wouldn't have to pay shipping. I've also been mentioning how, if I were ever to buy another doll, I have my eye on one. 

My mom said that we would probably be able to go to the AG place in LA. It won't bee anytime too soon,  but that's because of me. See, I want to save up a BUNCH of money before we go so that I can buy a certain doll (who I am not going to name, you will be surprised) and clothes. 

I won't tell you which doll I shall get, but here's a little hint:
Above are the eyes of the doll I will buy. Which means there's lots of dolls possible. Here's another hint: it's a Historical, not an MAG.

Well, that's about all for now. Can't wait!


P.S. I had a record on hits today! 79 hits in one day!!! Thanks to everyone who came and read! Sorry I posted so late!
Hey all!

Okay, so there's this blogger that I really like named Quinlyn, and she's the owner of an awesome blog. Click here to go to it.

Anyways, I emailed her a few questions. Here are her answers!

1. What do you think of the way AG is handling the MAGs and Historicals?

I think that they are focusing way too much on the MAG's and I wish they would go back to the historicals. The whole company was founded on the hisorical dolls, but they don't seem to care. They keep retiring them. I wish they would go back to the good old days when historicals were the center of the company.
2. If you were running AG, what would you change?

I would make it so that the historical dolls were more focused on. They and their stories are fabulous, and I think it teaches girls many more things than the MAG's do. I would give the historical line more dolls, get a replacement for Kirsten, and stop retiring dolls.
3. What is your favorite of the new outfits AG came out with?

That's a hard one...they are all super cute! I'd have to say that one of my favorites is the Pretty and Plaid outfit. I also love the Snowflake Ballgown and the Pet Show Outfit.
4. How many dolls do you have, and how did you get them?

I have three of the 18" AG dolls and one Bitty Twin. I got Kirsten and Julie for my 8th and 10th birthdays, Jessica (the BT) for Easter, and Leah from my good friend. I love all my dolls and am very blessed to have them. :)
5. What got you into AG?

I got the catalogs when I was a little girl. I always liked AG, but then I started reading the books and that's what really got me into it. Soon after reading my first AG book, I wanted an AG doll, and then the next year (after reading most of the AG books) I got Kirsten. :)

So, there you go. An interview with one of my favorite bloggers.

Hopefully I'll be able to do more!


P.S. Still blocked from Thistle's website. Something weird is going on...
There's something going on with the Girls at MVAD. I didn't get an email or a call from them yesterday, and they never miss those. When I tried to call them, no one answered. And I'm blocked from Thistle's website. I don't know what to do.

I hope everything's okay. Maybe you can find out. Click here to go to Thistle's blog. Actually, I'm positive there's something about what's going on in her blog, because I wouldn't be blocked unless there was something on there she didn't want me to see. Or something her sisters didn't want me to see.

Have you guys ever heard of www.FanFiction.net? I love that website.

For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a website where you can go and write a different ending to a book/movie/comic, or you can add on to it, or focus on a certain character later on. You can also read/review other people's FanFictions. It's pretty cool.

Who's read the Hunger Games? If you have, I'm doing a FanFic about Prim and what SHE did during the Games. It's called the Rose of District 12. Click here to go read it. I have the first 2 chapters put up and I am writing the 3rd chapter right now. The first two chapters are short, but the one I'm writing right now is going to be long. Thanks!

My weekend has been bland.

The Dolls were so tired from their week they spent most of it in bed, sleeping. So there's really not much to post about.

So...how many of you are bloggers yourselves? Post your blog in a comment and I'll check it out. I might even interview a few of you via email...so comment if any of you want to be interviewed by me! Or email me at [email protected].

Sorry for such a short post.