Hey! This is my first blog post, so there aren't any stories. With my next post, I will give you a story of my American Girls! I know a lot of people only post once a day, but it's really hard for me to do that. Most of my posts will be on the weekend, and then I might post more than once a day. Sometimes I will post during the week, but I'm pretty busy then. Thanks for coming to my site!


(P.S. I have this friend who has a blog. Click here to go there!)
2/27/2010 10:35:12 am

That is adorable!!! I have always been kind of scared by 'Bloody Mary' : )

I can't wait until you post more pictures of your dolls; you do great photostories!

2/27/2010 12:33:40 pm

So cool!! Congrats on your first successful blog. Hal is right; you do totally bubbly (sorry) AWESOME photostories!!

2/28/2010 01:33:46 am

Aww, thanks girls!

2/28/2010 11:36:53 pm

you do AWSOME photostories! but who in the world is "blody mary"?

3/1/2010 09:06:46 am

Thanks so much! "Bloody Mary" is something girls sometimes do at sleepovers. Apparently, if you go in the bathroom, turn around three times, and say, "Bloody Mary, bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!" something will happen, like she'll appear in the mirror or something. I've heard several versions. You should look it up!


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