First Day of School!!! - A Girl and her Dolls
It was the first day of school for the Dolls today! Didn't I promise that I would post a photostory? 

Anyway, The school they got to is different than most schools because they jump right in and start learning. The Dolls don't mind because they never get homework, since they're homeschooled. The teacher retired, but she gave me everything I need and told me to call her if I needed anything. So far, the Dolls have been fine. Today, we started off the school year by going outside and taking a look at plants. At our school, we take an entire day and devote it to one subject. Today was science, tomorrow is math, Wednsday is English, Thursday is History, and Friday is P.E. That way, the Dolls are more focused on one subject instead of moving around and shifting focus. As you know, today was Science, so we went outside to the garden.
They all glanced around, staring at the garden. The looks on their faces told me that they knew that today was going to be fun. Thistle was unaware of the twigs in her hair. 
But Lizzy noticed them and helped her get them out. 
I asked them to tell me observations about some of the plants. Teetee went up to a green plant and touched one of it's leaves. 

"It feels thick," Felicity observed. "But it's still soft and flimsy."
"This flower feels really soft," Thistle added. "And it's bell-shaped."
"This Rosemary smells really good," Lizzy observed. "And it looks prickly, but it's not." 
"That may not be prickly, but this pine is!" Felicity offered. 
"This flower has two colors," Thistle said wonderingly. 

"That's because it's two different plants in the same pot," I told her. 
"This plant is really colorful, but it doesn't have any flowers!" Lizzy jumped in excitedly. "I'm going to paint a picture of it!"
It was then that we all realized Thistle was limping. 

"I'm fine," she insisted when I asked her about it. 

"No, you're not," Lizzy told her. "We should go inside."

"I don't want to ruin everybody's fun," Thistle said sadly. 

"You would be ruining our fun by staying out here and hurting yourself," Felicity put in. 
Thistle finally gave in and let us take her inside. The doctor had said that her ankle might start acting up occasionally. He told us to just make her rest for a while. 

That's all of the pictures I have. 

I'm so excited, my school starts tomorrow! It means a little less posting, but I will still try to come on regularly. Thanks for reading! I'll take pictures the next time we have a "field trip"!


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