Happy Easter everybody! I would finish Kidnapped Part 3, but I don't have the time for too much writing right now, so I'm just going to do a tiny short story for Easter!


Thistle blinked the sleep away from her eyes and stretched. Looking out the window, she noticed what a beautiful day it was outside. She pulled herself out of bed and over to her dresser, pulling out clothes and putting them on. She walked over to her laptop, opened it, and sat down. She checked the date and, low and behold, it was Easter Sunday! How could she have forgotten? Thistle ran downstaires where Mama was making breakfast.

"Mama!" Thistle cried happily. "It's Easter!"

"Good morning, Thistle," Mama replied. "Happy Easter, honey. I already hid the eggs, but don't you go looking for them like your sister does!" Thistle smiled as she remembered the year before. Teetee had gotten up early and scouted the house and the yard, finding every single easter egg hidden. She had drawn a map of where they were along the way, too, and her sisters had only gotten two eggs each. Mama had made her promise not to do it again.

"Don't worry, Mama," Thistle said happily. "I wouldn't do that."

There was a thunk! as Teetee wandered down the stairs, still in her pajamas, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Lizzy followed her, dressed in a spring dress she had worn last year. Mama served pancakes to everyone.

"Now," Mama told them. "I have hidden thirty easter eggs. That means you each get ten, and no more! Got that, Teetee?"

"Okay," Teetee grumbled unhappily.

"Good. Don't start hunting until you're done eating. I'll be waiting in the living room-where no eggs are hidden!-waiting for you when you've gotten your ten eggs. Now, off you go!"

Thistle put her plate in the sink and went back up to her room to grab her basket. She wasn't in a hurry; Teetee couldn't grab any more than her own ten eggs anyway. She roamed around the house, collecting eggs as she found them, bumping into her sisters a couple of times. When she had her ten eggs, she met Mama back in the living room to find she was the first one back.

"Okay, let's see what you got," Mama said, leaning foreward as Thistle put her basket on the ground and took out the eggs one by one, lining them up on the ground. When she had taken the ten eggs out, she took them in her hands and ipened them. The first two had chocolate in them, but the third one had a piece of paper with a "3" written on it. Thistle looked at Mama, confused, but Mama only motioned for her to continue. She found one more "3", two "2"s, and one "1". The rest were chocolate.

"Lets see those papers you got," Mama said, reaching out to take them. Thistle handed them to her, and Mama left the room as Lizzy came back with her ten eggs.

"Here you are," Mama said, coming back into the room with something in her hand. Thislte reached out and took it in her hand, finding that it was money. Counting it, it was nine dollars.

"I decided to do something a little different this time," Mama said, as Lizzy opened her eggs and Teetee came in with her ten.

It was a good Easter.


I hope you liked it! I love Easter. I always have an easter-egg-hunt next door at my grandparent's house, it's super fun! PLEASE comment and tell me what you thought of it! Thanks!


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