Hey everyone! It's Father's Day! All I have to say to that is: say thanks to your dad. He does a whole lot for you. I know I bored you all with the whole Mother's Day speech, so I won't do that to you again ;)

Anyways, the school has already ended for the Dolls, but we're still continuing Art Sunday. It used to be Art Saturday, but we changed it. Sadly, the teacher had the Flu today, so I had to do the Art Sunday myself. We acomplished quite a lot, I must say, too. First, I had them all draw, and them I had them all write poetry. For the art, Thistle  finished one painting and began a second. Teetee had began her first, but not finished (which was expected, mostly because she took 15 minutes to decide what she wanted to do, and when she finally did she ended up getting up 4 times to eat). Lizzy had finished two and almost finished her third. All in all, an accomplishment.

Then, for the poetry. To no surprise, Thistle finished 4 poems and thought about her third. Each of her poems except one was three pages long. The fourth one was four pages long. Lizzy finished two, one page apiece. Teetee finished one poem, two pages long. Another accomplishment.

Then came Free Art Time, which lasted an hour. But we have ten minutes of prep time for it (at first, I didn't understand why we had prep time, now I understand completely). For the ten minutes of prep time, Lizzy got seven canvases and painted them each a different backround color. Thistle got out her computer and began opening Word documents, deciding on which one(s) she wanted to write on. Teetee got out lots of fabric and started threading her needle. When Free Art Time finally began, Lizzy finished all seven canvases and resorted to drawing, Thistle finished six chapters of one book and three of another. Teetee almost finished an entire outfit.

So, yeah, that was Art Sunday.

Also, I noticed that A LOT of people viewed my website yesterday...thanks to all of you who viewed my site, and sorry I didn't post anything! :( To let you know, my mom made me clean all day and she wouldn't let me get on the computer...oh well. She seems to want to do this every weekend.

Also, from Tuesday to Thursday next week I will be going to my Grandmother's house in Hemet. She doesn't have internet. Then on Friday I'm going to a sleepover for a birthday party of one of my friends...too much fun there to go on the COMPUTER!!!  However, I am trying to figure out if I can do a sceduled post. I'll let you know!

Thanks for reading!

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