FINALLY! It's here! Sorry it's later than I told you...I got home so much later than I expected! But anyway, here it is! Kidnapped, Part 3!

(told completely in Felicity's point of view)


BAM! Felicity threw herself against the door once again. She knew it was useless. She knew there was no way out. Phillip had barred the window and the door was still locked. She knew that in her mind, but her mind didn't seem to be getting the message to her body to stop throwing herself against the door. BAM! Slumping to the ground, Teetee began to cry. She wasn't one to cry. She couldn't even remember the last time she had cried. No, Thistle was the real softie, and even Lizzy cried when necessary, but Teetee? Never. But this was different. She had almost escaped, almost made it out of the village... But then what? Teetee asked herself. Then what would I do?

They'll look for me, Teetee thought, lifting her head. I'll bet they're on their way right now. She smiled to herself. They would find her. And they'd go home and have a wonderful time again.  Maybe Lizzy will even paint a picture while they're looking, Teetee told herself, gradually rising and walking over to the bed. She stretched herself out onto it and found her joints sigh, sore from the hard door she couldn't break through. They'll be here, she thought drowsily. I'll just wait here until they come... And, with that, she felt herself sink into sleep.

SCRATCH! Teetee woke with a start as her lunch plate was thrust under the door. She rose, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, to retrieve it. It was a small peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. Clink-clink! Teetee listened as the person on the other side of the door undid the locks. She heard them hesitate a moment, then quickly open the door, thrust a glass of water into the room, then closed it and locked the door again. Teetee sighed. That had been her first idea of escaping, but she had then decided that it wouldn't work and instead climbed out the window. That didn't go well, either.

After gulping down her lunch, Teetee shoved the tray back under the door and left the cup by the door, right where they had put it for her to drink out of. She usually put the cups there, and they "disappeared" while she was sleeping.

She stood up and looked around. She would usually lay back on the bed and sleep again, but she wasn't at all sleepy. But the room was so bare that she knew there was nothing else to do. Yet, she knew she would be able to think of something. There's an idea waiting to be found anywhere you go, Mama would always say. Felicity just had to find it first. That was it! She could be an explorer, going on a voyage to find land!

"First stop," she mumbled to herself. "Bedland!" She marched over to the bed and pulled the covers back. "Hmmm." She pulled the blankets off the bed entirely. "Small amount of land, no mountains or hills, and a bit boring, but still something! March on!"

After she had visited the furniture items, she moved to the walls.

"Plain and white," she murmered. "But much more room. Now I just have to check it for...parasites." Closing her eyes, Teetee stuck her hands out and felt the first wall. "Completely smooth. Moving on." The second wall was almost completely smooth, except...

"What's this?" Felicity opened her eyes as she felt something, some kind of dent, in the wall. "It seems to be some kind of...closet?" How had she not noticed it before? There wasn't any real doorknob, only a space taken out of the door to where your fingers could fit in it and pull it back, which Teetee did.

"Wow," she whispered. It was filled with fabric! "I could do so much with this!" Pulling out clumps of fabric at a time, she plowed through the entire closet until, at the very back corner, she found a sewing machine. "No way," Teetee said in awe. "It's like this closet was made for me!" She picked up the sewing machine and brought it out to the main part of the room to plug it in. She then grabbed one of the fabrics and began designing, planning where she was going to put what and where to cut what.... "Oh, no! I need scissors!" She looked madly for a pair. She finally found one at the very top of the sewing machine, and she got back to work. It wasn't long before she had three dresses cut from different fabrics, ready to be sewn. She then sat down and carefully began to sew them.

It took her hours to finish the first one, then it was time for bed. But Teetee couldn't sleep. She stayed up all night working on the last two, and by the time morning had come, she was done. And exhausted. She hardly had the conciousness to climb into bed, and before she knew it, she was asleep.

CLICK! Teetee woke drowsily as she heard the door unlock and creak open.

"Shhhh!" she heard a familliar voice whisper. "She's asleep!"

"We have to wake her up," another voice said. "We need to go. Now!"

"Teetee?" Felicity rolled over and stared drowsily at her sisters.

" found me!" she stuttered finally.

"You're okay!" Thistle cried quietly, hugging Teetee.

"Let's save the celebration for later," Lizzy said urgently. "We'll fill you in when we get in the car, but now we've got to move!" Teetee didn't ask any questions. She simply swung her legs out of bed and gathered up the dresses she had made. "Grab some of those fabrics for me, will you?" she asked her sisters. They nodded, doing so, then leading the way out of the room and down a hallway.

"Now, you look dazzling!" Teetee froze as she heard Mama's voice. What was she doing here? "Just stand still, and I'm going to turn you around now, so you can't see yourself."

"Okay," another voice said.

"That's our signal," Lizzy whispered, and the three of them made their way silently across the living room and out the ajar door, into the car waiting outside.

"Get down!" Thistle told them. "Mama's coming out with that awful woman any moment now!" The three fo them ducked just in time.

"Thank you again," the woman was saying.

"Oh, it's really no problem," Mama replied. "I've got to go now, there's another client to attend to!"

"Right, then, see you! I'll be sure to ask for you next time!" the woman said, and Teetee could just imagine her waving. Mama got in the car and quickly drove away.

"Coast is clear," she said after a few seconds. The three siblings sat up.

"Now," Teetee said. "Tell me exactly what happened."

So they did. They had gotten a call saying they wanted ransom, blah, blah, blah, and set off on a big road trip to find her. When they had finally gotten to the city the police had traced the call to, gotten talked to by some weird woman who had given them a bunch of strange facts, then Thistle had figured out that it was some kind of kidnapping neighborhood and they had thought of a plan. The plan had been that Mama go in as a makeup artist, advertising ACME and giving a free makover while the two sisters go and find Thistle. And then they had.

"And what's with the dresses and the fabric?" Thistle added.

"I found a big load of fabric in the closet, and a sewing machine. I was super bored, so I put together a bunch of dresses. Here, there's one for each of us." Teetee gave one of the dresses to each of her sisters.

"It's so pretty!"

"I love them, I really do!"

"Oh," Lizzy added. "And I painted you this." She handed Teetee a canvas with a red rose.

"Lizzy!" Teetee gasped. "It's gorgeous! Thank you so much!"

They all hugged each other, and Teetee smiled to herself again.

They were all safe.




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