Hey! I just posted....but, yeah. Anyway, over at Three American Sisters, I'm helping them make a photostory. Check back soon for it.

Anyway, since I've been gone for so long, I'm going to come back with a Short Story, and since it's Memorial Day Weekend, it'll be about...well, you can guess ;). 

short story by: Doodledog 

Felicity blinked open her eyes as sun streamed into the window. She groaned and rolled over, realization gripping her that it was Monday. Possibly being the worst day of the week, and Felicity's least favorite, it brought the end of a weekend and school-two of Felicity's least favorite things.

"Come on, Teetee, you have to get up eventually!" Lizzy said as she pulled on her clothes.

"Yeah, come on. It's Monday!" Amythest called cheerily. Teetee wondered how she could be cheerful about something like that. But she rolled out of bed and went to choose her clothes.

Once everytone was dressed, they went down to breakfast, which surprised Mama.

"What are you all doing up so early?" Mama asked Felicity.

"It's Monday! We have school," Felicity pointed out drowsily.

True, it's Monday, but you don't have school until tomorrow," Mama replied. "It's Memorial Day Weekend."

"What's that?" Lizzy asked as she scooped three pancakes onto her plate and sat down at the table.

"Memorial Day is the day we take to observe the end of the war years ago, and recognize the ones that died fighting." Mama put a plate in Felicity's hand, as she usually had to do on schooldays. Felicity was hard to make sence of and sence to before eight.

"That's sad," Thistle said unhappily. "It's nice of them to fight for us, but it's sad thinking about how they died."

"Yeah," Lizzy agreed. "I think they're mighty brave for doing what they did, though."

"They were very brave," Mama told them. "I mean, they willingly marched onto a battlefield."

"I would never do something like that," Teetee said, blinking as she just began to wake up. "I'd be to freaked out to. But if it gets us a day off of school, I'll remember them for what they did."

Mama smiled. "Well, I suppose we could do something nice today, like...I don't know, go to the beach, anything you like."

"The beach!" Lizzy perked up.

"That sounds really fun! Let's go!" Thistle added happily.

So they finished their breakfast and got their towels and bathing suits together before they piled into the car. The dolls looked at each other with smiles on their faces. And they drove off into the sunset.


Well, I hope you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing it! Please comment and tell me what you think of it! Thanks!


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