Yay! Part 5! Let's see what this brings us.

So, lets take a look at our last hint:

"Some may find this very cold, but others are so distracted by their stomach to care."

Okay, so, lets see. Maybe the freezer...right? It has food, and it would be perfect for hiding everything.

Well, it wasn't there. I nearly freezed my hand off looking through everything!

Well, where was it cold and hosted food?

The fridge.



Right! But I didn't find another clue. I found........


















Lucky Bamboo! It's really cute, and I'll post pictures later.

Sadly, however, this concludes the Treasure Hunt...I'll ask the Dolls to put me on another one in a week or so.

Also, they haven't been posting on their blog very much. They have a lot of other things to do...Lizzy's been painting, Thistle's been writing, and Teetee's been seweing. They're doing these a lot more often than usual, so I'm wondering if they even want to keep their blog right now...They even found my prize from their Treasure Hunt, but they never posted it (it was a canvas for Lizzy, really cute pen for Thistle, and some fabric for Teetee).

Well, thanks for reading!


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