Hey everyone! Big news! I have decided to add something new to my site. Now, if you have a question about American Girl, my website, or just anything that you think I would know, you can email me the question! How this is going to work: If I only get a few emails, I will try to answer all that I can. However, if I get a lot of emails, I will only be able to answer a couple. I will try to do as many as I can! For example, you could say "What can I do with my American Girl Dolls?" (yes, if you would like to know, you can uHere is the email:

[email protected]

However, before you email me, here are a few rules:

  • No inappropriate content or swearing in your emails
  • Please be serious and don't ask any questions just to get a laugh
  • Don't put your full name at the end. If anything, do what I do and put a penname or even just your first name at the end of your email, or just make up something that goes with your email!
    If any of these rules are not followed, I will not post your question.

    Thanks everyone! I look foreward to getting your emails!


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