Hey everyone! I'm really sorry I don't have a photosotry today, but weebly's acting really weird and won't let me put pictures up. But, I will try later and tomorrow, and I will take a photostory today, the first photostory of the Under Shining Stars camp that I have decided to do. The teacher has decided to help, but she's not doing it herself. She's providing supplies for me to teach them! The camp starts today and ends August 9th, YAY! The girls are so excited!

And don't forget to check out Soul Writing (www.soulwriting.weebly.com), Thistle's blog! She doesn't post as often as I post on here, but she posts a whole lot more often than all of them did on Three American sisters!

(p.s., I'm thinking of getting the girls a report card present...they all did super well! Lizzy and Thistle got strait A's, and Felicity got all A's and one B in math, her worst subject. But I have a small budget, so probably getting shoes or other accessories. What do you think?)


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