I realized that I posted all of my pictures of the trip on here and left none for Three American Sisters! :O Sorry! So, in turn, I am helping them make a photostory (and Thiste is going to write a short story after I'm done with this post.

Anyway, I'm doing something new from now on. Every once in a while I'll do something called Tween's Daybook, and it's pretty cool. I'll probably do it about once or twice a week. Here it is!
Date: Saturday, April 17th
Starting time: 10:27 AM
Mood: happy, a little hungry

Outside my window: a bunch of hills...pretty!
I was just in: the other living room I'm thinking: "Yay! It's Saturday!"
I'm reading: "Queste"  from Septimus Heap, and I'm waiting for something from the library. I know I'm reading more (I heart reading!), but I can never keep track of them.
I'm listening to: My parents talking in the backround and the clicking of keys. 
I'm wearing: Jeans and a black shirt with a cute purple giraffe. Teehee.
I am also doing: Breathing
Yesterday, I: Went to school and said "TGIF!"
I'm excited for: The weekend
I'm sad because: I'm not sad...did I not already say I was in a happy mood?

I'm hungry for: I don't know. Once I have breakfast, chocolate sounds good.
The song stuck inside my head is: "Warts and All" from "Honk!", the musical I'm in.
I want: To go somewhere and eat.
I love: My families, my dolls...
This week, my goal is: To have fun. Goal accomplished.
Ending time: 10:36 AM

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