Guess what? I crochetted a skirt for the Dolls! I'm very excited, as it's the first time I've crochetted something this big and finished it! I've done small things, like little pouches, but I'm a little limited on what I can do, because I only know how to do one kind of stich (please correct me if that's spelled wrong...spelling isn't my strong point!). There have been times where I started something and never got around to finishing it...Anyway, the yarn was mostly white with a splotch of light blue here and there. It's really pretty, and at the top I put a draw string so that you can adjust the size to fit the Dolls (I made it a bit big, just to be safe). I'll post pictures later, so look for them! The Dolls are so excited, check out their site to see what they think (!


P.S. Do you know how weird it is to type with a sprained finger?

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