Well, I was going to post part 3 of "Kidnapped! A Short Story", and I was writing a lot on it, too, and it was really good...but then, of course, Internet Explorer shut down and I lost EVERYTHING that I had written! So now I am extremely unhappy. Sorry about this! I won't be posting part 3 right now, but count on it coming up this weekend! Luckily, Amythest has began to brainstorm a couple of story ideas for her own short story that she'll put on Three American Sisters. She hasn't quite decided what to do yet, so if you have any kind of ideas, comment on this post or email us at [email protected]! Of course, if we use your idea, we will give you credit! But anyway, you should be expecting Part 1 of her story coming soon...and Part 3 of this one! :)

Thanks to everyone for your understanding. ;)


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