Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time! I was so busy : (
But thanks to all of you who still have faith in me and are still following my blog! anyway, here is part three of the Treasure Hunt the girls sent me on : )

Hint: "Many of these are green, hosting some of our favorite colors!"

So...St. Patty's day greeting cards, right? WRONG! I opened every single card I got for St. Patty's Day, and no luck! >_< It took me forever!

But then, we have lots of green PAINTINGS around the house...So I looked on the back of all of Lizzy's recent green paintings. But all I found was one that had a green flower saying, "Nice try! Here's another little hint."

Where? Where was another little hint? There wasn't anything else written on it. So I just sat on my bed and stared at the strange painting of a green flower. What an odd color to make a flower. many of them were yellow or orange, even white. She could have at least made it purple, my favorite flower color. Wait a minute. Back it up a bit. Favorite...color? "Many hosting your favorite colors". That was it!

So I checked all of the plants in my room, but no luck. So I checked in their room, by Lizzy's model flower (she uses it to paint flower pictures), and there it was!

"The internet is a strange thing, sucking us all into it. What do you use possibly the most?"

I have no idea if the "internet" is a part of it. I mean,they make no reference to the internet at all in the last sentence, and there's certainly things I do more than go on the internet! (I know, I know, *gasp*)

Thanks for reading! Check back soon!

5/3/2010 11:45:51 am

Sounds like an intense treasure hunt!! : )

5/3/2010 02:30:26 pm

We love your web site, we will have to come back to look some more but we were glad to find you ..

Ta Ta,


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