Hey everyone! Sorry I've been gone so long...I'm actually in a musical called "HONK!" and this week was tech/dress rehersal AND the show! Yesterday was opening night, and there's another night show today. Tomorrow there's a 2:00 and 7:00 PM showing, and on Sunday it's just 2:00 PM.

Anyway, after this week expect more posts (I won't know what to do with my free time!), but for now, here's part 4 of the treasure hunt the Dolls sent me on!

"The internet is a strange thing, sucking us all into it. What do you use possibly the most?"

Above is the latest hint. I had two ideas: books and camera. I figured it might not be on the internet, they might be tricking me, because they don't mention the internet in the second half.

So, first, I checked my favorite books: Queste, The Series of Unfortunate Events, Eragon, and even Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Next: my camera. I thought, maybe they had written the clue out and taken a picture of it with my camera? So I searched through every single one of my pictures. Nothing.

Well, what was there to do? My ideas weren't correct. Maybe on their blog?


But what about mine.......?

Believe it or not, they made a secret page while I was gone at school! The little rascals, how I love them. Click here to go to the page, and I'll also put the next clue below.

"Some may find this very cold, but others are so distracted by their stomach to care."

What could this be? It makes no sense to me....

Until next time,


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