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Well, I was going to post part 3 of "Kidnapped! A Short Story", and I was writing a lot on it, too, and it was really good...but then, of course, Internet Explorer shut down and I lost EVERYTHING that I had written! So now I am extremely unhappy. Sorry about this! I won't be posting part 3 right now, but count on it coming up this weekend! Luckily, Amythest has began to brainstorm a couple of story ideas for her own short story that she'll put on Three American Sisters. She hasn't quite decided what to do yet, so if you have any kind of ideas, comment on this post or email us at [email protected]! Of course, if we use your idea, we will give you credit! But anyway, you should be expecting Part 1 of her story coming soon...and Part 3 of this one! :)

Thanks to everyone for your understanding. ;)

Hey Girls!! Here is Part 2 of Kidnapped! A Short Story. Sadly, Amythest has a cold, so there won't be a part 1 of a short story on Three American Sisters. :( 

If you haven't read Part 1 of Kidnapped! yet, scroll down to my last post. 


Lizzy raced around her room, grabbing her art supplies. Her art kit, paper to draw on, and a canvas all flew into her backpack. She knew it would be a long trip. Lizzy was hardly aware of Thistle carefully packing her computer into it's case on the other side of the room. When everything was ready, the Dolls raced down the stairs to meet Mama at the door, waiting impatiently. After the kidnapper had called demanding ransom for Felicity, Mama had called the police, who had managed to trace the call to a house in the suburbs. They were now heading there. 

As they piled into the car, Lizzy took out her canvas and began to sketch a rose with pencil, realizing subconsciously that it was Felicity's favorite flower. She heard Thistle typing away on her computer, but was too involved in her own work to ask her what she was writing about. She got out her paint and carefully painted the rose, adding in details. When she was done, she set it in the carseat between Thistle and herself and stared out the window. Slowly, the sound of the clicking of computer keys and the car's engine lulled her to sleep.

Felicity gingerly tried the door, even though she knew that it was going to be locked. Looking around, she quickly scrambled over to the only other option: the window. To her surprise, it was unlocked and screenless. She glanced around and carefully climbed out, onto the gravel of what she realized was the driveway. She began to pad (barefoot) to the road that ran along the house she was being kept in. 


The sound of the garage door opening sent chills up Teetee's spine.

"Hey! You!" She heard a man's voice, and, without turning around, bolted down the street. She didn't know where she was going, but only turned where was closest to her. She was beginning to think she had gotten away from her perusers, but the roar of an engine behind her made the strand of hope die quickly. There was no way she could outrun a car. 

The car pulled up in front of her, the driver climbing nimbly out, and, for the first time, Felicity got a look at her kidnapper. 

He was dark-skinned, dark-haired, and strong. She knew there was no getting past him, so she looked around desperately for another escape.

There wasn't one.

This ends part 2! I would have gone farther, but I've run out of time. Thanks for reading! Tune in later for part 3!

Hey Girls! I posted earlier about how I wanted some help about what to do on my blog. Well, I deleted that post, because I've thought of something to do! I love to write, so why not write a short story about my dolls? As Thistle loves to write, she helped me come up with the story, and even a story of her own, which she will be posting on Three American Sisters soon!


Teetee woke suddenly as she felt herself tugged out of her bed by an unseeable force. She could feel hands wrapped around her ankles, and her first thought was, Is it time for breakfast already? But she knew immidiately that wasn't the case. Mama would never pull her out of bed. She would gently wake her. Lizzy and Thistle were way too gentle to even think of doing such a thing to their sister.

Teetee realized that the people tugging on her ankles were masked in black, and as she looked at them, she felt as though she was being sucked into a black abyss. She gasped for breath and reached out, trying to see her hand. What was going on? Was she being...kidnapped?

Looking around, she saw that she was in a black sack and understood the sudden black abyss she had unexpectedly felt. Teetee realized how calm she was. She knew it wasn't a dream, but there was some hope that it was a dream, that she would be carried to the end of the earth to look at the stars, then wake up in her cozy bed at home with her sisters. But she knew it wasn't a dream. Panic rose in her uneasily, and she began to struggle. She tried to scream, but she couldn't. Her voice seemed unable to work, her voice box closed helplessly.

She couldn't get out.

Thistle stretched and sat up in her bed, blinking the sleep from her eyes. Looking around, she noticed that Teetee's bed was empty and unmade. That's unusual, she thought to herself. Teetee's not usually up until breakfast. Shaking her head as if to clear it, she pushed the thought out of her mind. Maybe she went down to help Mama with breakfast, even though it was usually Lizzy that did that.
Thistle rose from her bed and chose her clothes for the day, quickly getting in her favorite blue dress. When she came out, she saw that Lizzy was beginning to rise. Glancing at the clock, Thistle knew that breakfast wouldn't come for another half hour at the least. She walked over to her desk, where her computer beckoned to her. Sitting down, she opened it and typed in her password. The screen came to life to reaveal an open Word document. She was the only one with Word; neither Lizzy or Teetee would ever use it. Reading the last paragraph she had typed, she began to move her fingers gracefully over the keys, the words flowing out of her easily. It seemed too soon that Mama poked her head through the door.

"Breakfast!" she called, looking to where Lizzy was painting at her table and then at where Thistle was. Mama smiled. "It never varies. You two at your desks, doing your stuff, and Teetee still in be..." Her eyes flickered to Felicity's bed, and a look of confusion crossed her face. "Where's Teetee?"

"We thought she was down helping you," Thistle told her, bewildered.

"No, she's not," Mama answered, still looking confused. The dull ringing of the phone from the living room brought them all out of the Doll Room.

"Maybe it's Teetee?" Lizzy suggested hopefully. Mama crossed the room and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Pause. "Uh, who's this?" Pause. A look of terror replaced the confusion on Mama's face. "E-excuse me?" Pause. "But-but you can't do that!" Pause. "You-you...We will get you for this!" Pause. "I-I wasn't threatening you! Just go away!" Mama slammed the phone back into it's position and broke down crying. Backing away in surprise, Thistle wondered, horrified, who had been on the phone. She had never seen her mother like this.

Lizzy walked cautiously up to Mama. "Mommy?" Thistle heard her whisper. Thistle walked over to them as Mama lifted her face from her arms. Her eyes were red and puffy, and she gathered the two Dolls to her. Thistle faintly noticed the smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen.

"Oh dear," Mama whispered into their ears. Taking them by the shoulders, she pulled them away from her and looked them in the eye. "Honies, there was a man on the phone just now." Thistle could tell it was taking all of her courage to tell them this. "The man-he said that he had...well, he has Teetee."

Thislte's eyes stretched wide. "You...you mean that he kidnapped her?" Mama hesitated, then nodded very slowly. Thistle could feel her face growing hot as tears came to her eyes. She understood now why Mama had cried. "How could they?" she cried unhappily as Mama gathered her in her arms.

"It...it's okay," Lizzy said, though Thistle knew that it wasn't okay. "She's probably on her way back. And if she isn't...well, we'll have to go and get her, won't we?"


Teetee woke groggily, her first thought, Why is this matress so uncomfortable? Observing her surroundings, she noticed that she was in a barren, steel room with nothing but the feeling-like-it's-wooden mattress she was on and a dresser (which, under further investigation, was empty).

She tried to remember the night before. She remembered a dream about a black sack and being kidnapped, but...wait. That wasn't a dream.

A scratching noise coming from the door aroused her from her thoughts. A plate with a plate-like bowl full of clam chowder was pushed under the door. Realizing how hungry she was, Felicity heaved herself out of her hard bed and tasted the soup, realizing unhappily that it was cold.

She needed to get out of here.


Hope you guys like it so far! Please comment and tell me what you think, and tune in later this week for Part 2! I've run out of time for now, but THERE WILL BE MORE! Thanks to all of you for reading! Check out Three American Sisters around the time I post Part 2 for Thistle's Short Story!


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Guess what? I crochetted a skirt for the Dolls! I'm very excited, as it's the first time I've crochetted something this big and finished it! I've done small things, like little pouches, but I'm a little limited on what I can do, because I only know how to do one kind of stich (please correct me if that's spelled wrong...spelling isn't my strong point!). There have been times where I started something and never got around to finishing it...Anyway, the yarn was mostly white with a splotch of light blue here and there. It's really pretty, and at the top I put a draw string so that you can adjust the size to fit the Dolls (I made it a bit big, just to be safe). I'll post pictures later, so look for them! The Dolls are so excited, check out their site to see what they think (www.threeamericansisters.weebly.com)!


P.S. Do you know how weird it is to type with a sprained finger?
Hey everyone! I have created a website for my American Girl Dolls...and I have a sprained finger. :( Anyway, my American Girls are very excited and will switch off posting on it. There's only one post right now, as I just created it, but soon there will be more! Click here go to their site, or copy and paste the link below onto your browser!



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Hey everyone! I realized yesterday that there is something I haven't told you about  called Etsy. Etsy is a place where you can buy and sell anything handmade. I buy a lot of my American Girl Doll clothing from there, and since it's handmade, it's also one-of-a-kind! So you won't be able to find anything like it anywhere else, and I really love the clothing! They're all so creative and adorable. If you look at my post previous to this one, you will find a photostory. In that photostory, all of the things my dolls are wearing I got from Etsy. You can get really get awesome things on there. I even have a shop on there, but I haven't gone on it in a while and I need to do some more stuff for it, I just haven't really had the time to make things. Anyway, I'm known as writealways, you can search me under "Sellers" from the drop down menu. Click here to go to Etsy, or copy and paste the link below into your browser.

Today was Lizzy's birthday, so Teetee, Thistle, and I decided to hold a surprise party for her. Teetee and Thistle refused to go out and buy any decorations, insisting that they "had it all planned out". My job was to distract Lizzy until noon, while the other girls decorated and hid her presents. I took Lizzy to the mall (her favorite place to go), and she got a bunch of art supplies. And when we came back, Lizzy went up to the American Girl's room to put away her new stuff, and she found...
"SURPRISE!" Teetee and Thistle yelled in unison, jumping out from their hiding places. At first, Lizzy looked very confused, and then extremely delighted. Even I was surprised at the decoration!

They had used their sleeping bags to decorate! I thought it was very creative, and by putting a sleeping bag over the table, one on the floor (used for a dance floor), and one hanging up against the back wall, they had transformed the room!

"Oh my gosh," Lizzy said blissfully. "Oh my gosh, thank you guys so much! You guys really planned a surprise party, just for me?" Lizzy hugged her sisters.

"Of course," Thistle told her. "It's your birthday, isn't it?"

They soon got on the dance floor, enjoying themselves. Thistle and Teetee began to "tango", just to make Lizzy laugh. It definately worked!

Soon they were all dancing and having a great time. Looks like Lizzy was really enjoying her party! But we weren't done yet!

We had Lizzy get on top of the Presents Table, where all of the presents were hidden inside.

"No," Thistle told Lizzy as the birthday girl stood, waiting in anticipation. "You have to turn around so it'll be more of a surprise."

Lizzy turned around and sat down obediently, as Thistle made sure she didn't peek and Teetee got out the present.

"Here you are!" Teetee said, presenting Lizzy with the neww book.

"You got me the book I wanted!" Lizzy cried happily, taking the book. "Thank you so much!"

Here is a picture of all of the presents Lizzy got. A songbook, as Lizzy loves to sing, an Oragami kit, as she is very artistic, and a World Power: Quiz Book (yes, Lizzy is very smart!).

But we still weren't done yet! There had been one certain thing Lizzy has wanted since January: clay. Recently, she has gotten into sculpture. I knew we had gotten her this present, so I was confused when Teetee announced that was the end of the presents. Teetee and Thistle began to clean up, and Lizzy offered to help them.

"No, you're the birthday girl," Thistle told her, but Lizzy insisted. So, as she pulled off the sleeping bag from the wall...
Clay! But not just clay, it also came with sculpture tools!

"Oh my gosh!" Lizzy yelled. "You got clay! Oh my gosh, thank you so much!" She went around and hugged each of us in turn.

Now, here are all of Lizzy's presents for real. She loved all of them!

And here is Lizzy, trying to hug all of her presents backwards while posing for the camera...I don't know if this really worked out. She lookes like she's guarding them, and has the "don't-touch-these-or-you-will-not-live-long" expression on her face!

In the end, Lizzy loved all of her presents and the party was very enjoyable! All four of us think it was a success, and we are already planning Felicity's birthday...without her knowing, of course!